The most comprehensive reference for 35mm film. made in Australia.


Film Lovers Analogue Visual Reference.

Great Reference Book.

Definitely a book that I been searching for in my journey with shooting film. Gives great examples of the colors and tone you get with different films, showing that you can achieve many looks. I recommended this book to all of my fellow colleagues who are just now shooting film. I hope that this series continues!

by MF Brooklyn.

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FLAVR book cover.
FLAVR methodology for the film lovers analogue visual reference
FLAVR content listing for the films in the book
FLAVR example page for Fuji Sensia 100
FLAVR example page for Japan Camera Hunter JCH400


FLAVR Paperback. $99.99 AUD

FLAVR, a portable visual reference using photographic film stocks both past and present. Take the guess work out of evaluating exposure, contrast, dynamic range and tonal graduation for one hundred different films. FLAVR... THE film lovers analogue visual reference.

The overriding principle employed in this project was to ensure each and every image remained the same with the exception of the film stock. The camera, lens, model, studio and exposure per film ISO are identical, thus giving the best results for comparing one film to another.

FLAVR... The perfect companion for your next roll of film.

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All About FLAVR

We shoot film because we love film. This project serves to promote, educate and preserve the love of film photography for film photographers of all ages and experience. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive reference for film photography in the world.
The first chapter of this journey begins with our first book, FLAVR which stands for Film Lovers Analogue Visual Reference. Every journey begins with a single step and this is just the beginning of our exploration of the photographic medium of film.
Do you love film? We would love to hear from you and help grow this community of film lovers. At OnePlusOne we believe that "Anything is possible without expectation".